House System - U-Knighted


When students enter Norfolk Catholic Jr/Sr High School, they are randomly assigned to one of four houses - St. Katharine Drexel, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Francis Xavier or Pope St. Gregory the Great - with siblings being placed in the same house.


Each "house" is further broken into "families" which meet regularly to discuss relevant issues and upcoming events. There  Each family is headed by a family mentor.


  • Being a part of a smaller community helps new students acclimate quickly to their school environment and experience an immediate sense of belonging.
  • Students have true faculty and peer mentors.
  • Allows students to have an opportunity to interact with students from all grade levels.
  • Increases opportunities for student leadership.
  • Allows students to participate in a variety of activities that are non-academic and non-athletic.
  • Is a great way to know more people outside of the classroom setting.
  • Can be a source of postiive peer-pressure and motivation that can have a postiive effect in the classroom.
  • Marquee events bring more fans to athletic and fine arts events.
  • Studies show that schools with House systems have happier students and have more school spirit than they did before a House system was implemented.
  • Norfolk Catholic is the only school in Nebraska with a House system!


Houses compete against each other for points by attending fine arts and sporting events (called Marquee Events), making the honor roll, receiving the fewest detentions as a house, etc.  Students may also represent their houses in a number of activities during the year (Parish Festival, Community Activities, etc.) and can garner points for their house.


Houses will be awarded throughout the year, based on their points and involvement.