The Fund for NC

The Class of 2016 marked the 85th graduating class for Norfolk Catholic School/Sacred Heart Parish.  For more than 90 years, we have been building futures for our students and ensuring the highest quality education based on Gospel teachings.  In order to provide an affordable Catholic education, Norfolk Catholic can no longer rely solely on tuition and parish support.  The Fund for NC has been established as a direct and voluntary way for those who have been touched by the graces of a Catholic Education to help us continue to make an affordable, Christ-centered Catholic education possible - just as so many have done before us for generations.

How Your Gift Works

Gifts to The Fund for NC will help families afford tuition at Norfolk Catholic.

  • In 2013-14 (the latest public school figures) it cost taxpayers $11,365 to educate a student in a Nebraska Public School.  Norfolk Public Schools comes in at $10,800 per student while other schools our size stand right at the state average figure. (Source:
  • At Norfolk Catholic in 2013--2015, it cost just over $5,800 to educate one child for the entire year.

Even though the cost to educate a child at Norfolk Catholic is nearly 1/2 of a public school, costs to educate continue to rise.  In order to keep tuition from rising and to move away from deficit spending, The Fund for NC will help us provide a more solid foundation for our future and keep tuition affordable.

One out of every four students at Norfolk Catholic relies on help to cover even the basic tuition cost.  That means that one in every four students are at risk of being unable to afford a Catholic Education.  The Fund for NC will help us accomodate these families, help us keep tuition costs down so that more are able to have the opportunity of a faith-based education and allow us to maintain a diverse student base.

How Can I Be Included?

Each gift - no matter it's size - will be an important part of helping us reach our annual goal.  Gifts of $25 or more will be recognized in the Norfolk Catholic Annual report which will be printed each September.  This report will recognize all donors who have contributed.  Recognition for levels of giving will serve as an incentive to our donors. 

How is this different from a Capital Campaign?

Capital Campaign funds pay for specific projects and initiatives.  Capital Campaigns run for a specific time period (3-5 years usually) with a specific project or goal that is identified.

The Fund for NC will be conducted EVERY YEAR with an Annual Report being printed each summer with all donors to the fund being listed.  Gifts to The Fund for NC will allow us to keep a Catholic Education affordable for all. 

For more information or to make a gift, contact Leisa Piper in the Norfolk Catholic Advancement Office at 402-371-9256 or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click HERE to make a donation on-line immediately.