Men's Cadillac Stag

A fund-raiser for Norfolk Catholic School. It is held every year in late March/early April. 

All adult men of the Parish and community are invited to attend. For ticket information, contact Patrick Hammond (402-992-2462),

Jason Love (402-640-0587), Jason Lammli (402-644-7242), Eric Johnson (954-684-0493), or Eric Dendinger (402-316-3921) starting in January.

Tickets can also be purchased at the Advancement Office. Contact Leisa at 402-371-9256.

Plan to Attend the 43nd Annual Men’s Cadillac Stag on Monday, April 2 at the Norfolk Country Club! 

The Men’s Cadillac Stag is an annual fundraiser for Norfolk Catholic School. All proceeds of this event help fund the school budget. ALL men, regardless of religious affiliation or even those residing outside of the Norfolk Community are ALL welcome and invited to attend.