Chromebook Information

Norfolk Catholic School's curriculum is designed to prepare our students for college as well as for the working world.  In today's world, students need to be connected to information to be successful in school.  

In an effort to provide 24-7 access, Norfolk Catholic will issue students in grades 7-12 a Chromebook to use for education. This site contains information pertaining to Chromebook use here at Norfolk Catholic.  Under the Acceptable Use & Technology Use Guidelines you will see rules pertaining to school-issued devices along with any other electronic device brought to school and connected to our network. Your teacher may have additional guidelines and rules to follow regarding chromebook usage in their classrooms. 

Chromebooks look and feel like a laptop.  They are designed to get things done faster and easier with a built in Chrome operating system.  They have multiple layers of security and cloud storage along with Google Apps. As long as a student has their device and access to the internet, it is literally impossible for a student to lose an assignment.  Assignments found on google classroom can be accessed any time of the day simply by logging into a google account.  Chromebooks make it easy to transport data and the device itself is portable and rugged. If something should every happen to your Chromebook, it is very easy to retrieve all of your information within minutes from the cloud using another device.  They are easy to manage and filtering will be set up for both at school and for in home use.