Internet Use Policy

Internet access is made available through our local provider and is made accessible and monitored through our school network.  The smooth operation of the network relies upon the proper conduct of the users who must adhere to the guidelines set and reviewed by our technology committee.  These guidelines are provided so that you are aware of the responsibilities you are about to aquire. Students or staff knowingly violating the terms of the policy will be dealt with according to the student or staff discipline policies at Norfolk Catholic. 

In accordance with the Children's Internet Protection Act, Norfolk Catholic installs and operates filtering software to limit users' Internet access to materials that are obscene, pornographic, harmful to children, or otherwise inappropriate or disruptive to the educational process.  At the same time Norfolk Catholic can not guarantee that filtering software will in all instances successfully block access to materials deemed harmful, indecent, offensive, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate.  No technology is guaranteed to be error-free or totally dependable, nor is it safe when used irresponsibility.  Norfolk Catholic is also not responsible for the accuracy or suitability of any information that is retrieved through technology along with any breaches in confidentiality.

Students may access technology for educational purposes only.  The actions of users accessing Norfolk Catholic’s network reflects our school. Student users must conduct themselves accordingly by exercising good judgement and complying with this policy and any accompanying administrative regulations and guidelines. Students are responsible for their behavior and communications using Norfolk Catholic’s computers and networks.

Norfolk Catholic is not liable for any damages or loss.  Manufacturer defects will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.  Do not try to fix any device issued by the school as any possible warranty will be voided.  Damages or loss that is the result of the student’s failure to exercise reasonable care or willful conduct will not be covered by the school.  The student will have the sole responsibility of paying replacement or repair costs if a device is stolen, lost, or damaged beyond warranty coverage.  If a device is stolen the school must be notified within 24 hrs. of the discovery of theft. The technology fee does not cover the cost of ANY repairs or stolen devices.

When a student withdraws from the enrollment of the school or has his or her rights terminated, the student must return any devices issued by Norfolk Catholic to the school immediately.  If a student fails to return the device in a timely manner the student and his or her parents will be subject to paying replacement costs. Equipment will be returned when requested by Norfolk Catholic for routine maintenance and other special needs.

Terms and Conditions

The use of equipment, computers, network resources and the Internet is a privilege, not a right.  Inappropriate use can result in a cancellation of those privileges.  The administration, faculty, or staff at Norfolk Catholic may deny, revoke, or suspend specific user accounts/access. Violations of local, state, or federal law may subject students to prosecution by appropriate law enforcement authorities. The use of your account and/or access must be consistent with the educational objectives at Norfolk Catholic.  The use of electronic resources not provided by the school or the playing of recreational games is prohibited during school hours (this includes the use of cell phones).

Network Etiquette - You are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette.  These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Be polite.  Do not be abusive in your messages to others and use appropriate language.  Do not swear, use vulgarities, or any other inappropriate language, material, or images.
  • Comply with copyright laws and licensing agreements including plagiarizing or claiming another person’s writing as your own.
  • Do not use electronic resources or the network in such a way that you would disrupt the use by other people.
  • Be responsible at all times for the proper use of technology, including proper use of access privileges, not sharing any school issued devices, codes, or passwords.
  • Do not partake in any business or commercial activities or use the school owned device or hardware to obtain financial gain.
  • Do not engage in hacking of any kind.
  • Do not allowing others to use property issued under the 1:1 program without authorization, this includes students whose access privileges have been suspended or revoked.
  • Soliciting or distributing information with the intent to incite violence, cause personal harm, damage a person’s character, or harass another individual or an organization through cyber threats or any other forms.
  • Note that electronic mail (e-mail) and other computer use or storage is not guaranteed to be private or confidential.  Network or other computer use or storage areas are and will be treated as school property.  Any electronic device such as computers, chromebooks, iPads, phones, files, or communications may be accessed and reviewed by school personnel.