Online Safety

Online Safety

Keeping our Kids Safe!

Norfolk Catholic recommends that parents/guardians read and follow the US Department of Justice Guidelines for Parents/Guardians on Internet Safety located at:

Technology is an integral part of our students lives.  This creates both opportunities along with many dangers. There are some excellent resources to help both schools and parents find information about Internet safety.  These sites provides resources about appropriate sites and apps along with reviews on music, movies, and apps.  

Parent Concerns is a helpful link on Common Sense Media. You can get information on Cyberbullying, Social Media, along with many other topics today's teens are faced with.  There are video that you can watch along with articles and reviews for you to read.  This link provides a lot of information and could help answer some of your questions.  Our school also uses this site as a curriculum guide to teaching Digital Citizenship to some of the students.   

To visit this site, please click on the picture below.

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