Rewards and Scholarships

The top house and top leaders will be recognized with periodic rewards and opportunities. The House of the Year will receive a special event at the end of the year, to be determined, in addition to the scholarships.


$500 will go to each of the top ten qualified Senior point-earners regardless of House.

$200 will go to each of the qualified Seniors in the winning house.

$100 will go to each of the qualified Seniors in the Runner-Up house.

*Qualified SENIORS are those who have earned a minimum of 350 points.

**NC has received a grant to ensure that this program is viable for five years. During that time, if the program proves itself successful in helping students make good choices and bring attention to the good things our school and students are doing we will seek additional funding to ensure the continued success of the program.


Faculty and staff will have the same opportunities to earn bonus awards along the same point rubric. A total of 2 $500 awards will be given to the highest point teachers and those in the winning house will win $200.00. The same rules apply to the teachers that apply to the Seniors, and they must have 350 individual points.