Students and Parents

The success of this program includes both student and parent participation to help support the goals and objectives.


Holding each other accountable for positive behaviors is at the center of this Leadership program. This is why the Scholarships are specifically Leadership Focused. Upper Classmen need to hold each other in check and help the students in grades 7-10 to start developing and making good choices. Your Scholarships will depend on your ability to lead and inspire the others by encouraging them and even actively getting involved in their lives and decision making. A 7th Grader who lands in Detention for bullying could kill your house points. Your involvement and engagement and attention to those in your house will be critical to your leadership.


Parents have a role in helping their student's House win as well. By actively engaging in the process to reduce some of the behaviors that will interfere with your student's ability to earn a scholarship, then we can all be more involved in promoting positive behaviors. Faith, we know, also starts at home. As a result, you can help your Student's house earn points by also making your own Faith live a priority. There are not many programs that let parents help their kids earn scholarships!


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