Infant Room

The infant room serves 12 children ages 6 weeks up to 18 months.  Our room has multiple areas(nap, large motor, diaper, and dining) to meet the needs of our youngest clients.  Staff assist each child in reaching new developmentally appropriate milestones and communicate daily with parents about their child’s day.  Sign language is used to help our little learners express themselves. Daily activity sheets are sent home to provide families with information on how their child’s day was.

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Toddler Room

Our toddler room is able to serve 20 children ages 18 months to 3 years old.  Their classroom schedule allows learning to occur during all parts of the day.  Some key points to their day are music & movement, small motor activity, large motor activity, and child initiated play.  Teacher’s assist in toilet training when parents and children are ready. Sign language is continued throughout the day. 


Three Year Room

The three year old room is able to serve 2o children.  In this room children are able to explore different areas such as house, block, art, reading, and writing.  Children are able to learn while exploring each area. Teacher’s guide the children in being able to express their wants and needs through various forms of communication.  


Four Year Room

The four year old room serves 22 children. Many of these children are enrolled in a prekindergarten program, and come ready to explore the new information they have learned.  Our staff work with Norfolk Catholic prekindergarten teachers to help reinforce information through developmentally appropriate activities and play areas.