State of the Parish Letter

   State of the Parish 2018-2019

State of the Parish 2018-2019 (Spanish)

Please find above the letter that was sent out to parishioners this week with information on the state of our parish. 

 This weekend we heard from parish members Jared Jansen and Jed Christensen from our Parish Finance Council and Dr. Eric Dendinger, School Advisory Board chairman, for a family discussion on our parish financial situation and Stewardship Way of Life.  Parish Family Finances Toward a Better Way of Life

They emphasized the important role that each of us have in responding to the Lord’s Great Commission by sharing our individual gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Out of gratitude, we are all called to offer a personal commitment of ourselves to the betterment of the whole parish and the ministries we have discerned. This is not meant to be a heavy burden shouldered by only a few, but an opportunity and a joy to be co-laboring in this work together.   

Use our online giving option now to make your financial gift and schedule it to recur automatically here Greater Giving.

Everyone is encourage to join in the Stewardship Way of Life!  Complete your 2019 Stewardship Renewal Response and return it to Mass or drop it by the parish office this weekend.