Pray for Our RCIA Community

 The Elect

Xavier Hernandez

Ricardo Hernandez

Geovany Leitritz

Mercedes Leitritz

Makario Leitritz




Jordan Bellar

Pedro Manual De la Cruz De la Cruz

Zenobia DeHaes

Marlin Krohn

April Martens

Monique Tunender

Jessica Uecker




Ben Brummels

Jess Curtis

Colby Turpin




Lord God, You are the source of all wisdom, truth and knowledge.In every age You have been faithful in speaking Your word in our hearts.Your word of love took flesh among us in Jesus who came to proclaim your reign of mercy.

Be generous, Lord in sending Your Spirit upon our RCIA community.Give our inquirers a hunger for wisdom and a thirst for knowledge for You.Help them to understand and revere Your plan for us.

Give our RCIA Team Your counsel and patience to guide those in their care.Make bold their hearts for proclaiming Your gospel, and gentle their words in announcing their mercy.Keep them faithful to our Church’s teachings,and ever open to the ways Your Spirit always moves among us.

Grant this through Christ our Lord.Amen.