March Reading News

Not everyone learns to read at the same.  Not everyone loves reading.

We are trying to create people who can read and understand what they are reading for their future careers and for their personal lives.

Here are some Reading Parent Tips:

  1. Always make it enjoyable.  If a child does not want to read for a night, it’s ok to read to them.  Or, take turns reading every other page.
  2. Always bring the reader back to the meaning of the story.
  3. When finished, ask the reader to retell the story.  Discuss the story and its meaning.
  4.  Read everyday.
  5. Set up a reward plan for reluctant readers.  Going to a movie, a movie rental, a treat with just the parent, could be a reward or incentive to read a little more.
  6.  Don’t put a lot of stress on your child.  They work hard during the school day. Positive reading for the meaning of the story is what you want.

Keep reading and enjoying books! The March Book In Every Book Bag reading goal is a CrAzY SoCk DaY, individual goal, 10 nights or more of reading.  The date of the CrAzY SoCk day is Friday, March 29!

Mrs. Guenther, Director of Reading

P.S. Thank you for signing the Book In Every Book Bag calendar after reading with your child.


Monthly Reading Incentives:


March - Crazy Sock Day - individual student goal

The March Book In Every Book Bag Goal is an individual goal - 10 nights or more of reading with their calendar initialed = Crazy Sock Day

April - Mr. Lafleur will be taped to a wall - all school goal

May - Water Balloon Mr. Lafleur - individual student goal


These reading incentive days will be held at the end of each month and announced monthly for the classes that have achieved their goal.  Keep posted for the progress of your child and their classroom.