February Reading News

February has many interesting holidays!  

Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and President’s Day have interesting stories to go with them. Google stories about these topics.  The Norfolk Public Library has many books about this month’s topics. Your child might bring home a library book from our school about these holidays.  Just enjoy.

The Read Aloud Norfolk Children’s Day Festival is at the Mall, Sunday, February 3, 1:00 - 4:00.  This is free activity day for families to get books and enjoy reading.

The February Book In Every Book Bag reading goal is an individual goal.  If students read for 10 or more February nights they earn an, NC shirt day!

Mrs. Guenther, Director of Reading

P.S. Thank you for signing the Book In Every Book Bag calendar after reading with your child.


Monthly Reading Incentives:

February - Untuck Your Shirt Day - individual student goal

The February Book In Every Book Bag Goal is an individual goal - 10 nights or more of reading with their calendar initialed = NC Shirt Day

March - Backward Shirt Day - individual student goal

April - Mr. Lafleur will be taped to a wall - all school goal

May - Water Balloon Mr. Lafleur - individual student goal


These reading incentive days will be held at the end of each month and announced monthly for the classes that have achieved their goal.  Keep posted for the progress of your child and their classroom.