Strategic Planning

Norfolk Catholic School Strategic Planning 

Dear Stakeholders of Norfolk Catholic School and Sacred Heart Parish:

In 1924, 1929, and 1930 after winning 3 National Championships, Knute Rockne said: “There is no reason for me to continue unless I can improve”. Those words ring true to what our newly established Strategic Planning Team is all about. Norfolk Catholic School has enjoyed a rich tradition of forming saints and scholars and we, like Knute Rockne, must be in the mode of expecting to get better at what we do in and out of the classroom.

This letter is being sent to all stakeholders of Norfolk Catholic School and Sacred Heart Parish. Five years ago Norfolk Advisory School board, staff and community hired Partners In Mission (a Catholic school consulting company) to lead a successful five year strategic planning process. Five years later it is time to engage in this process again. As president and leader of the School and the Advancement Office, I am thrilled to update you on what has been accomplished thus far with the strategic planning process.

On the weekend of November 17th and 18th over 60 stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, school board members, parents and community members reviewed narratives along with multiple statements of strengths and weaknesses of our school that were written and discussed by stakeholders during our fall strategic planning  meetings. These same stakeholders were then given this collective information with the expectation of writing goals and objectives under each of the domains that are included on the following pages. The goals and objectives were determined and written by the group with the sole intent to improve our school in each domain. These goals and objectives are not finalized, however they do provide a vision of what we are expecting to accomplish as we make improvements in each of these areas as we move our school forward.

Therefore, our next step is to host a listening session in January/February to gather additional feedback from our stakeholders. Also, please know that you can contact me at anytime with any thoughts, concerns, questions and input you have regarding our Norfolk Catholic School. Watch for additional information to come on the specifics of the listening session. Following the listening session the goals and objectives will be finalized in February/March with the final plan assembled in April/May.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Your continued support for Norfolk Catholic School is greatly appreciated. God Bless!

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Don Ridder, President 

Norfolk Catholic School


Strategic Planning - Goals & Objectives